In the field of print advertising, the key to success lies in in-depth knowledge of the audience and market trends. For media agencies wanting to maximize their advertising impact, subscribing to the right audience research and relevant data is essential. Here is an overview of the essential consumer studies and insights for the year 2024.

The press maintains its position as the second media in terms of advertiser investment, according to the latest figures from IREP. Furthermore, with 97% of the population reading the press each month, all media combined (source: ACPM), its influence remains considerable. It is therefore imperative for news publishers to adopt innovative strategies to maintain their relevance in an ever-changing media landscape.



Management / reporting

Monitoring and reporting of your crossmedia campaigns

Media planning

Use audience data to build your targets, compare plan performance, and select the best media for your press and digital campaigns

Advertising Investment

Analyze your investments, the associated GRP audiences and build your benchmark

Space reservation

Management of TV, radio and digital campaigns and inventories


Optimization of crossmedia plans


crossmedia Freelance Data Processing

Media planning

The press and digital media planning solution in France

Antenna management

Management of TV program schedules