The challenges of the press in 2024​

The challenges of the press in 2024

Publication date: 06/02/2024

Authors of the article: Namketa & Hugo

The press maintains its position as the second largest media in terms of advertiser investment , according to the latest figures from IREP. Furthermore, with 97% of the population reading the press each month , all media combined (source: ACPM), its influence remains considerable. It is therefore imperative for news publishers to adopt innovative strategies to maintain their relevance in an ever-changing media landscape.

Emergence of professional and niche presses: A striking trend in the French media landscape is the emergence of specialized and professional presses . This development responds to a growing demand for credible and relevant content. According to a FNPS/BVA survey, the professional press is considered credible by 91% of readers .
With high trust from their readers, these media offer a privileged advertising environment for advertisers looking to reach specific audiences. Examples: La France Agricole, Point Banque, Chantiers…

Personalization of content : The key to success for press media in 2024 lies in their ability to offer personalized content. We already know that ad personalization generates better conversion performance (+80% according to Epsilon) . This requires a deep understanding of audience behaviors and preferences. Audience research plays a crucial role in this strategy, allowing press publishers to adapt their content to better meet the expectations of their audience. It is to respond to this issue that data organizations like Kantar, Nielsen and the ACPM refine their studies from year to year and it becomes difficult to perform without using them.

Focus on local : The trend towards local has become a key element in news media strategies. Audiences are looking for content that reflects their local, everyday concerns. Investments in local media are increasing (they represented 31.2% of the overall market in 2022 according to France Pub ), demonstrating the growing importance of this segment of the advertising market.

Initiatives such as Les Relocalisseurs encourage the relocation of media purchases in territories, thus strengthening the link between the media and local communities. The CoSpirit agency has also made the territories its promise and has risen to the rank of Media Agency of the Year 2024 ( #PAM2024 ) thanks to its recent performances.

Use of appropriate tools : To remain competitive, press players must use more efficient tools to manage their advertising campaigns. More sophisticated media planning and media buying solutions enable optimization of investments and better campaign effectiveness .

For audience studies, the construction of targets and the choice of press materials, we find for example Medialand which saves time by using the latest up-to-date studies. For freelance, AdMonitor allows you to stay one step ahead of your competitors with a financial view of the market. Finally, AdwOne offers optimal campaign management by creating different communication scenarios and tailor-made reporting.

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