Reach new customers, save time creating your campaigns, optimize your inventories with Allocator

During the pre-sales phase, Allocator allows a client (advertisers, agencies) or the internal sales house team to enter a brief and consult the corresponding packages. Allocator also allows you to generate several campaign plan proposals from a brief via AI, choose a plan and automatically create advertising campaigns in MediaPilot, the Adwanted group's reservation software.

Post-sales, Allocator allows you to reallocate the spots of a set of campaigns in order to optimize their performance in relation to the sales house 's objectives.

Generate “new business”

Thanks to its brief entry module, Allocator makes it possible to target new prospects in regions or countries where the sales house does not have commercial representation. Allocator also makes it possible to reach customers whose average basket is too low to be canvassed by salespeople. The solution thus helps generate new leads and reduces the costs of acquiring and transforming these leads, bringing additional business volume.

Build the best mix-media campaign

Allocator is a crossmedia plan recommendation system. It allows you to optimize a sales house 's inventories – and thus maximize its revenues – based on different criteria (media, supports, audiences, availability, value, history, etc.). For example, AI is able to take into account the history of an advertiser's campaigns when constructing a plan. Thanks to the configuration of allocation criteria, the sales house maintains control over the management of its inventories!

Simplify the operational management of your campaigns

Allocator is connected in real time to MediaPilot which manages the booking of sales house campaigns. Plans are built or updated using information from MediaPilot and are then integrated automatically. Depending on the case, a quote or a campaign can be created automatically. Users (customers, salespeople, planning managers, etc.) are notified by email according to their role.



Unique solution on the market to optimize a plan on several media at the same time (TV, Radio)


Designed by Adwanted, the technology on which Allocator is based is based on bio-inspired evolutionary AI. She has been the subject of numerous scientific publications and has been awarded several international awards.


Allocator can be called and/or powered by any reservation system – in addition to MediaPilot – through an enriched, real-time API.



Management / reporting

Monitoring and reporting of your crossmedia campaigns

Media planning

Use audience data to build your targets, compare plan performance, and select the best media for your press and digital campaigns

Advertising Investment

Analyze your investments, the associated GRP audiences and build your benchmark

Space reservation

Management of TV, radio and digital campaigns and inventories


Optimization of crossmedia plans


crossmedia Freelance Data Processing

Media planning

The press and digital media planning solution in France

Antenna management

Management of TV program schedules