About Adwanted Group

Essential today, essential tomorrow

The world's largest media and advertising companies trust us to provide insights that help them do better work for their clients. Through our events, our audiences are informed, educated and able to connect.  

Our data is essential for improving marketing plans. Our tools allow you to buy and sell advertising. We improve our clients' efficiency and effectiveness through seamless teamwork to provide the best service and advice at all times. We are tenacious in our opinions about the future and how we can contribute to that future.  

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Our values


We never do anything that jeopardizes the trust our clients have in us and we always trust our colleagues as experts in their own field.


We are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and always strive to find new opportunities to improve our products and services to provide our customers with better products tomorrow than today. In doing so, we help each other grow as people and move the business into new areas.


We will always work with a formidable esprit de corps. We never forget that behind every technology, there are humans who design the product and real customers who use it. As business and the world become more and more complex, we will seek to work more closely together, both internally and externally with our clients, and always with a sense of humor and a zest for life.

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Bringing leaders together

The Adwanted Group has a proven track record of acquiring many well-established companies and bringing them into our family. Among these, SRDS (created in the United States in 1919), Carthage (2003), CSE (1990) and OFFREMEDIA (2005) and more recently Mediatel Group in the United Kingdom – all expert companies and leaders in their respective categories .

Since then, we have focused on pooling our skills and creating synergies between all our companies, to become Adwanted Group, Essential Today, Indispensable Tomorrow.

Customer satisfaction is our reason for being

We help agencies, media and sales house improve their daily productivity and efficiency. More than 1,500 customers subscribing to our software trust us.

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More than a thousand companies trust us

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Management / reporting

Monitoring and reporting of your crossmedia campaigns

Media planning

Use audience data to build your targets, compare plan performance, and select the best media for your press and digital campaigns

Advertising Investment

Analyze your investments, the associated GRP audiences and build your benchmark

Space reservation

Management of TV, radio and digital campaigns and inventories


Optimization of crossmedia plans


crossmedia Freelance Data Processing

Media planning

The press and digital media planning solution in France

Antenna management

Management of TV program schedules