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Information reference for media decision-makers in the advertising and communication sector

The Media Leader positions itself as an essential brand in the field of media and communication information, specifically aimed at professionals working in media agencies, sales house or advertisers.

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Unique B2B events

The Media Leader also includes around twenty events organized throughout the year.
From conferences to award ceremonies, we do everything we can to offer you content adapted to market developments and media and advertising trends. Each of our events welcomes between 200 and 500 professionals from the sector. Among our flagship events: the Agence Media prize, the Studies & Innovations Trophies, the Retail Media Forum, etc.

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Offers adapted for management and agencies

You want to communicate effectively through our website and our wide range of newsletters. We have formulas and formats suitable for everyone.

You want to quickly establish yourself with our SEO service.
With an annual package, you will benefit from an advantageous pack which includes: – appearance in the Tariff Media referencing directory,
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Preferred source of media decision-makers

The Media Leader is THE reference information brand on the communications media market, aimed at professionals in media agencies, management offices or advertisers.

Professionals from media agencies cite The Media Leader as the most used source on a daily basis, according to an ACPM study.

Our media and non-media ecosystem allows our partners to reach their target every day, in a powerful and hyper-quality context.

Recognized events

The Media Leader and Adwanted Events are mobilizing to organize events dedicated to the sector in France and abroad: The Future of TV ads, The Future of Audio, Retail Media Forum...



Management / reporting

Monitoring and reporting of your crossmedia campaigns

Media planning

Use audience data to build your targets, compare plan performance, and select the best media for your press and digital campaigns

Advertising Investment

Analyze your investments, the associated GRP audiences and build your benchmark

Space reservation

Management of TV, radio and digital campaigns and inventories


Optimization of crossmedia plans


crossmedia Freelance Data Processing

Media planning

The press and digital media planning solution in France

Antenna management

Management of TV program schedules