How to simplify advertising buying?

Space buying is the process of purchasing, negotiating and reserving advertising space which is carried out on behalf of an advertiser. It is generally carried out by a media agency, formerly called a media buying center.

In 2021, according to the BUMP (Unified Advertising Market Barometer), the advertising, media and communication market is growing slightly with the number of advertisers and money invested which had been impacted by the health crisis in 2020.

Advertising buying occupies a crucial place in a brand's communication process. It allows a company to gain notoriety, trigger purchasing intentions, convey advertising messages to potential customers which helps increase sales and gain new customers. It also allows companies to make themselves known to Internet users and potential prospects.

However, this process contains several steps necessary for it to run smoothly, starting with targeting customers and going through the analysis of campaign KPIs. (See article 10 steps in the advertising space purchasing process)

Is there a way to simplify it?

Automation is a key way to make ad buying simpler and easier. Indeed, it improves productivity, reliability, availability and performance.

Creating your campaigns, modifying them and collaborating with your teams wherever you are is more than necessary in the era of digital and teleworking. Producing and monitoring your campaigns from the media plan to consolidation on a single media planning tool will support us in your media purchasing management in order to be able to plan and budget our media plans (radio campaigns, displays, TV sponsorship, press, magazine , digital, etc.).

In media buying, you have to monitor your communication campaigns and their advertising spaces on a daily basis in order to apply the communication strategy and achieve the objectives more simply.

Switch to AdwOne!

What is it and what are its advantages?
AdwOne is your new all-in-one multi-media tool in France and internationally!

  • Creation of advertising campaigns: from media plan to consolidation
  • Optimization and reporting
  • Customizing the campaign calendar

Your entire team will be able to work collaboratively in real time! Items integrated and updated on AdwOne are automatically saved for all your users. You are therefore sure not to lose any more information! AdwOne is connected to market tools (invoicing) and will therefore save you time. Thanks to the single sign-on (SSO) service, your customers' media buying data will be safe.

SO ?
Want to grow your organization and monitor the purchase of advertising space? Whatever your industry, get started with AdwOne.

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