Customer Testimonial – Next RadioTV


Name of the network: NextRadio TV

Group founded in 2000.
Next Régie at this time, which is now Altice Media Ads & Connect, ensures the marketing of advertising space for all of its media.

Country: France

Software implemented: Media Pilot and ePilot.

Start of the project: since 2005

  • MediaPilot has been in place within the NextRadioTV group since 2005. What reasons motivate you to renew your confidence in Media Pilot? 

Firstly, the MediaPilot teams are true media experts with a mastery of vocabulary and an understanding of the issues and strategy of an advertising agency. 

Then, MediaPilot is the most complete independent software best suited for a leading control room. 

Within the group's management, MediaPilot is today more than an advertising reservation system, it is the heart of the management. It is a real communication tool that creates a link between services and teams, on which our other tools interface. It offers a great capacity for exchanges with different systems, between different standards, between different stakeholders. This is the reference point.

  • How is the relationship with the MediaPilot team? 

Beyond a simple classic commercial relationship, it is a real partnership and that is precious. The MediaPilot team also has the ability to establish a professional framework in the relationship with the use of an application for monitoring our requests. But they also know how to go beyond this framework if necessary, and I know that in an emergency I could call them even on weekends.

  • How does the software evolve?

Media Pilot follows market needs but is also able to respond to specific requests. This is one of the strengths of MediaPilot, this ability to compartmentalize requests.

Thierry Czerwiec
Director of Planning and Broadcast
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