The simple way to access OOH advertising audience data

The API enables Route data to be easily and flexibly built into your systems.

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Route Research produce audience estimates for out-of-home advertising in Britain that tells subscribers how many people see an advertising campaign, and how often they do so. The information is used for planning, trading and valuing advertising investment in the medium. Mediatel developed the industry approved API for Route, a simple interface to software that performs the complex Route audience calculations. 

With this API clients can easily build Route data into their own systems. New release data is automatically loaded and validated against check figures, as well as any re-releases or corrections issued. Route clients are able to focus on the added value activities of defining their own user interface and incorporating their own planning and optimisation strategies.

Get key metrics such as impacts, reach, average frequency in a split second
Save time with new releases, as data is automatically loaded and validated against check figures, as well as any re-releases issued
Define your own user interface and optimisation strategies

What our clients say

"Mediatel created an implementation of the Route algorithm and made it available via an API with speed and alacrity. They navigated the complexities of the algorithm with apparent ease, working closely with us and our data suppliers to ensure the project was delivered on time, on budget and to specification. They respond well to the occasional challenges presented by changes to the algorithm and file structure. Their work is always timely and accurate. In short, they’ve been a joy to work with."
Former Managing Director at Route


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