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At Adwanted Group we have different tools and platforms to allow publishers, and advertising agencies to connect to new audiences, or to foster leads on known accounts.

MediasBook was born in 2015 with the desire to facilitate the advertising exchanges of buyers selling print media. This web platform allows publishers to update their data and present their inventories. Buyers can create advertising campaigns and enter into detailed negotiations with the various advertising agencies. The transactional platform integrates a whole functional suite allowing buyers and sellers to automate part of their work, to benefit from resources in a single point, and to work in a collaborative way with their teams. MediasBook offers a more fluid process from the construction of the request to the generation of the post-purchase insertion order. This technology is aimed at medium and large scale advertising agencies and buyers.

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In order to address the additional issues of smaller buyers and publishers/agents, we also offer the JAM platform. Our goal is clear: to facilitate access to media advertising for the general public and to support publishers/agencies in generating leads. 

Buyers have the ability to browse a large media inventory, send a targeted or general request and then be connected with sellers, all in a few clicks. Subscribing to JAM as an advertiser or publisher, also means benefiting from activation levers or proven referencing.


Targeted referencing

Integration of data specific to the media within the unique repository of the AdwOne tool is now used by agencies and direct advertisers.

Post RS + Website

Take advantage of our showcases to push your commercial devices to the general public.

Purchase button

The installation of a quick purchase button within the client's site facilitates access to the module and the formalization of purchase requests. This purchase button will be adapted to the customer's requirements. The goal here is to cross the channels to encourage more acquisition.



Gestion / reporting

Suivi et reporting de vos campagnes plurimédia


La solution de media planning presse et digital en France

Pige publicitaire

Analysez vos investissements, les audiences GRP associés et construisez votre benchmark

Réservation d'espace

Gestion de campagnes et d’inventaires TV, radio et digitaux


Optimisation de plans plurimédias


Traitement des données de pige plurimédia


La solution de media planning presse et digital en France

Gestion d'antenne

Gestion de grilles des programmes TV