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At Adwanted Group, we deliver software, data and content to the biggest media companies in the world. Our services are essential to our customers to improve every aspect of the advertising process, enabling it to be bought, sold and evaluated better and faster. 

We never forget that we are humans not machines and do not build tech for tech’s sake.

We bring efficiency and effectiveness for our clients through seamless teamwork to offer the best service and advice at every turn. Our tenacity helps us to deliver opinions on the future and how we can help deliver that future. We serve the needs of 15,000 users across 3 continents (Europe, Africa, North America).

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Our growth

We have a proven track record in acquiring many well-established companies and integrating them into our family. These include SRDS (created in the USA in 1919), Carthage (2003), CSE (1990) and OFFREMEDIA (2005) and most recently Mediatel Group in the UK – all expert companies and leaders in their respective categories. After nine years of development, we are now an international group of 120 people based in New York, Paris, London, Chicago and Lille.

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Gestion / reporting

Centralisation des campagnes


La solution de media planning presse leader sur le marché français

Pige publicitaire

Analyse publicitaire et audience plurimedia

Réservation d'espace

Gestion de campagnes et d’inventaires TV, radio et digitaux


Optimisation de plans plurimédias


Traitement des données de pige plurimédia

Gestion d'antenne

Gestion de grilles des programmes TV