CTS Advertising

CTS Advertising

Manage, program and value your advertising campaigns

Sales-houses, TV and radio stations, industrialize the management of your advertising campaigns with the automation and control features present in CTS Advertising.

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Program your advertising campaigns

CTS Advertising allows you to create, plan and track your advertising campaigns rigorously. Optimization features help you establish your campaign plans based on performance indicators and placement constraints. CTS Advertising also makes it easy for you to set up the broadcast elements (creation of ad copy identification sheets, assignment of ad copies to reserved spots, etc.).

Add value to your advertising campaigns

CTS Advertising allows you to faithfully reproduce your commercial conditions such as rates, discounts, surcharges and cascading calculation. The software then automatically calculates the gross and net budget of the advertising campaigns according to the type of sale selected (spot-to-spot, fixed price, sponsorship, etc). You can edit your commercial offers and your purchase orders. Statistical reports present the turnover by sector, customer, campaign, sales person, etc.

Secure the delivery of your advertising campaigns

Control and validation mechanisms secure the transmission of advertising campaigns to the programming department. If the television channel is equipped with CTS Broadcast, additional indicators give the sales-house a real-time view of the on-air playlist to validate the correct insertion of the advertising campaigns. Post-broadcast, CTS Advertising retrieves the broadcast reports to check for broadcast anomalies and automatically generate the supporting documents requested by the clients. This information can also be exported to a system dedicated to the invoicing of advertising campaigns. 



  • Definition of the marketable space
  • Definition and control of placement constraints (time to market, competition, etc.)
  • Real-time availability monitoring


Definition and monitoring of performance indicators (budget, number of spots, GRP) broken down by day part, format, period, thus simplifying the implementation of briefs


  • Automatic placement of spots according to the objectives of the brief
  • Calculation of gross and net budget for each campaign
  • Algorithm for the allocation of ad copies


  • Setting up commercial conditions
  • Marketing of spot-to-spot or GRP cost campaigns
  • Editions of commercial offers and purchase orders


  • EDI exchange with media agencies
  • Import of audiences by target
  • Integration with programming department’s systems (Adwanted CTS Broadcast as standard, other traffic systems)



Gestion / reporting

Suivi et reporting de vos campagnes plurimédia


La solution de media planning presse et digital en France

Pige publicitaire

Analysez vos investissements, les audiences GRP associés et construisez votre benchmark

Réservation d'espace

Gestion de campagnes et d’inventaires TV, radio et digitaux


Optimisation de plans plurimédias


Traitement des données de pige plurimédia


La solution de media planning presse et digital en France

Gestion d'antenne

Gestion de grilles des programmes TV